Hi My Name is Joe and I love adventure!   I’m on a quest to to find adventure every chance I get.   I’m not one to wait for that two week planned vacation to a far away destination, that type of vacation is awesome but why wait, I like to  find the little daily adventures wherever I can.

I work full time in engineering but my mind is always on the road.   I have taken many adventures whether it’s 2 weeks in Mexico, 3 days in the Smokies, 12 hours up North (Michigan) or 1 hour at a county park, and they’ve all been amazing.  

I decided to start sharing my adventures through blogging and offer advice on how everyone can find their adventure.    Eventually I plan to travel the globe full time but for now I’m adventuring every chance I can get and there’s plenty of it right in my backyard.  

It doesn’t matter where you live you’ll find an adventure in  your backyard as well, so get out and discover it today!! 


2 thoughts on “About

  1. I’m Bill, author of Laughingdog Blog to which you linked on your pulk page. I linked your page on mine. I live down the road from you in Holland.

    • Hi Bill, yes I love reading about your adventures and reviews on Laughingdog.com. Hiking the Appalacian trail is on my list of things to do, since we’re neighbors we should hook up to talk sometime!

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