Kayak Michigan’s Tahquamenon Falls?

I’ve never heard of anyone kayaking the Tahquamenon falls in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula till recently.   Kayaker Marcelo Galizio from Brazil did it recently, check out this video of Marcelo dropping over the 51 foot fall.  


Find YOUR adventure!!


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5 thoughts on “Kayak Michigan’s Tahquamenon Falls?

  1. Tim

    This is just proof that we have one amazing state. Those of us that grew up here in Michigan may never fully appreciate what we have available to us.

    • I totally agree, being surrounded by the largest group of freshwater lakes on Earth, a record number of inland lakes, and national forests as well as miles of unspoiled nature, Michigan has ENDLESS opportunities for adventure!! One could spend a lifetime exploring the lower part of the state before tapping into the amazing Upper Penninsula of Michigan!!

  2. What a great setting…what a great state…thanks for posting Joe!

  3. Helpful post , BTW if people are wanting a USCIS I-129F Instructions , my husband came across a fillable document here https://goo.gl/QAe4PM.

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