Adventures for a cause!!!

Who inspires you most when it comes to giving back to society or to a cause that makes a difference in this world.  Is it the world famous selfless world changers  like Mother Theresa, and Gandhi, or  someone closer to you such as a parent,  friend, co-worker or neighbor?   Even though I have the greatest respect for anyone that spends their entire life sacrificing for others and the betterment of the world,  to me it’s the everyday individuals that are passionate about life themselves and care about sharing with others.   

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I can’t think of too many people who I know who haven’t at least thought about giving to a charity or cause.      People in general have good intentions of giving, but only a few follow through, many times due to being pinched for money and time, or there’s that feeling that it’s just too overwhelming to think about.     For many it’s easier to drop a few dollars into the salvation army bucket during the holidays than to put time into it’s thought.   Then there’s the one’s that challenge themselves physically to raise money for a cause they believe in.    I’ve always been drawn to the later because I’ve always been active and considered myself athletic and adventurous and feel fortunate that I can do what I do.   What a great way to do what you love to do, challenge yourself to a goal that requires dedication and sacrifice to accomplish and at the same time raise money for a cause.    

Riders in Michigan for Make a Wish Foundation 300 miles

Since the 1970’s at the start of the running revolution, athletes have been passionate about running for a cause.   If you signed up for a running race, typically some or all of the proceeds went to a specific cause which is still true today.    It’s been an awesome avenue for organizations to promote healthy living to raise money for anything from cancer research, to clean water in third world countries to aids orphans and everything in between.   There’s a lot of need in the world and it’s fortunate that we have our health to be active.    

Trish stopping to soak in the views!! Tour de Pink California

 There’s so many great causes to give to and many different organizations, it might seem a little intimidating to find one you can be part of.     Many athletes take part in raising money for a cause because they have a close friend or relative that has dealt with cancer, or maybe know of a child that was cared for by the Ronald McDonald House and they want to dedicate their efforts to those organizations.    I know of some athletes that have travelled to other countries and experienced  how some people don’t even have the basic necessities such as clean water to drink.    Whatever the reason, there’s no better satisfaction than putting yourself out there to help someone out.   It gives a greater purpose to your adventure.

Lisa after one of her 50 miler runs for the kids. RunHope

If you don’t feel that you want to take on a challenge yourself or have to the time to raise money for your challenge then maybe you can support a team or individual who is raising awareness and money.   In 2010 I had the opportunity to become the Michigan sponsor for Lisa Smith Batchen,  Sister Mary Elizabeth Lloyd and  Runhope.   It was a chance to meet some amazing people who accomplished an amazing goal and raised money for three different wonderful charities.   Being a part of the Runhope team, working with people who challenge themselves to raise awareness and money for cancer research, and cheering on  friends that ride hundreds of miles to help a child, have all inspired me to challenge myself to help others.    It’s an adventure in itself.   

What challenge will you take on to help others?


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