Find Your Adventure biking Luton Park!

If you like biking on the trails and live in Grand Rapids or  visiting, you have to get out to Luton Park  mountain biking park.     Luton Park located in Rockford Michigan is one of many mountain biking parks in the Grand Rapids, and one of the local’s and my favorites.     If you’re new to mt biking or most of your riding is done on paved or dirt roads, don’t be intimidated by riding single track trails, Luton Park  has loops ranging from easy to more advanced.   Total there’s 9 miles of trails, all maintained by the MMBA with plenty of parking and easy access.   The trails are opened all year but it’s recommended that you don’t ride on them when it’s wet because it’s destructive to the trail system.     Summer and Fall are my favorite times to ride the park but I’ve had some great winter rides too.   It’s a great park to hone in your bike handling skills, have a ton of fun outdoors and if you’re an experienced racer, a great park to train.

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I rode Luton Park last week and the trails are the best I’ve ever seen them.   What’s nice about the park is that even with 20 bikers out on the trails, y0u might not see another rider for several miles.   The park with all of its loops and miles of trails can easily accommodate many riders without it seeming crowded.    I arrived 20 minutes after my friends did and I thought I would be able to catch them out on one of the loops but It was 40 minutes before I saw 1 other rider.   I finally spotted two of them on an adjacent trail and tried to catch them only to plant my face into a tree.    I had ridden almost 9 or 10 miles up to that point and I was a little tired and became too relaxed and unfocused on the trail.    With that being said take your time and be careful, the trees don’t move.     So for your next adventure dust off that mountain bike and head out to Luton Park and have fun!!


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2 thoughts on “Find Your Adventure biking Luton Park!

  1. nathan

    Great post! Let’s get to Luton soon.

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