Kayaking the Great Lakes with the Best at the “Gales”

Kieth on Lake Superior

It’s been two years since I’ve done any serious kayaking and I’m starting to have withdrawals, it’s time to “get wet”!  I’ve been following the happenings at one of the best kayak symposium in the nation, called the “GALES” or the Great Lakes Sea Kayak Symposium  on the northeastern Ontario shore of Lake Superior.   This is the second year of the “Gales” which was conceived by a couple of  the Midwest’s most skilled paddlers including my good friend Keith Wikle.    I met Keith 7 years ago at one of my past jobs and it wasn’t more than 3 minutes into our conversation that I found out Keith was a paddler.   I owned a boat and had paddled for a few years before I met Keith,  but compared to Keith I was a total rookie.   Keith started out teaching himself many of the skills required to be proficient and safe on open water and was immediately hooked on the sport.   It wasn’t long before Keith started networking and training with some of the country’s best paddlers and became an instructor himself.    Any of the skills that I have as a paddler were taught to me by Keith.

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Today Keith works a 9 to 5 job but his real passion is kayaking.   Keith blogs his experiences at “gokayaknow” where you can find great information on skills, classes or the latest on the newest boat designs and technologies.   Keith also shares his experiences in sea kayaking and his passion for surf kayaking.     If you’re looking to get started in kayaking or want to improve your skills I highly recommend contacting Keith for private or group instruction.   I’ve not only learned critical skills in rolling, rescue, and paddling strokes, but through Keith’s  extensive knowledge in boat construction and styles he helped me find the best boat for my needs.    I’ve paddled with Keith in quiet waters and November gales on Lake Michigan and always feel confident that I’m in the best hands.   Keith’s biggest priority is safety on the water followed by having fun enjoying one of the best sports ever.  

For YOUR next adventure get out on the water to paddle I know I am!


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