Finding new adventures…the missing link!!

Right when you think you’ve found every adventure possible in the backyard a new one is discovered.   My friend Scott found some backyard adventures over the weekend and shared them with me today at work.  As it turns out one of the parks he discovered was the missing link between two trail systems that I frequent.    It is a large parcel of private land with a house and outbuilding that was recently donated to the Ottowa County Parks.   

The two trail systems can now be connected to create up to 10 miles of beautiful challenging trails to run on.    I checked it out today and I was stoked.  In my opinion they are some of the best trails in lower Michigan and they’re still a secret.   I’ve been trying to find a way to connect these two trail systems without passing through what was private land.   I was told that the county is planning on connecting the trail systems but I won’t be able to wait.   I’m getting started!!    I’ll keep you posted when it’s complete!!!   What is your new discovery today??


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One thought on “Finding new adventures…the missing link!!

  1. SR

    Awesome pics!!!!!!!!

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