Fit for adventure.

I love adventure, I love to travel and most of the time I love working out in one form or another.   I like to keep as fit as I can because most of my adventures and travels revolve around some type of physical activity.    The more fit I am the more I enjoy the experiences.      I like to bike, swim, kayak, do calisthenics and most of all run the trails.    Over the years. I’ve battled with myself as to what my goals are.  I’ve done a lot of races including 5k, 10k, 1/2 marathon, marathon, ultra distance, triathlon, adventure racing, mt biking and the list goes on.   In the past, I wanted to compete against others and against my own goals (to some extent I still do today), but for the most part my goals have changed.     Now, I just want to stay healthy so that I can get the most out of my travels and adventures.   The key is to have some goals to keep you motivated.

With my busy work schedule, it’s hard some days to find the motivation to do a run or bike ride or some type of workout.   Sometimes, I just want to go home and sit and relax.   Nowadays, I don’t make that an option because one thing I have  learned over the  years is that regardless of how I’m feeling at the end of the day it’s best to stick to the plan and find the time and energy to get in my workout adventure.   If I didn’t get out, I’d feel guilty and more tired and when I do I ALWAYS feel better and thank myself for the effort.   Don’t cheat yourself  make excercise a priority and the gym isn’t the only place to workout, get outside and make your fitness time an adventure.

Post run Stretch, Pre-Yoga

I approach working out differently now in some ways.   For starters, I don’t  make working out so rigid and as much as a chore.   For instance last night I was planning on a longer run in the woods.    I wanted to do 12 or 13 miles with some hills included to help prepare for my fast packing adventure that I’m planning for at the end of September.     About 2 miles out on the trail, I knew I wasn’t going to run 12 or even 7 miles.    I was mentally and physically not feeling it.

In the old days, If I started out to run 14 miles then that’s what I’d run regardless of how I was feeling.   I can remember having some pretty miserable runs and even acquiring injury when my body wasn’t feeling it but I just “pushed through it”,  because that’s what my training plan called for.    Today, I have no problem changing up my workout based on what my body and mind are telling me.   Granted, there are times you need force yourself to press through when you feel a little tired or if you are wanting gain, but I’ve learned the difference.   Don’t discount the benefits of a walk or walk/run with some yoga or meditation on some days.

Much needed stretch

Last night, was one of those days when my body was telling me that a 14 mile run wasn’t in the cards for me.   I ended up walk/running 7 or 8 miles followed by some stretching and yoga.    My workout was exactly what I needed, at the end I felt physically, emotionally, and spiritually renewed.    While out on the course, I had time to clear the mind and I also discovered parts of the woods that I had run past nearly a hundred times and never noticed.     It was like a new adventure in the same woods and trails I’ve been running for 3 years.    At the end of my walk/run, I took the needed time to stretch and practice some yoga poses in the serenity of the park.    As I departed I felt so relaxed and yet satisfied that I got  in my daily workout or should I say adventure.

Get out and get fit for your next adventure!!


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