Rainy day adventures!

We’ve had a great run of sunny hot days here in West Michigan.   I’m pretty sure we even set a record and I know it’s been the  sunniest summer I can remember.    There’s something about perfectly sunny days, it seems to make us want to get out and find our adventures, at least that’s how it affects me.    I guess that’s why people get more fit in the summer months and look good with their tans and are even happier.   I won’t argue that the sun has that positive energy that affects both the body and mind.   But in a lot of states, Michigan for one,  the number of cloudy days can equal the number of sunny days.   The weather is unpredictable and even downright nasty with dark clouds and rain.    Is that any reason to keep us from getting outside and finding our adventure…..I think not!

Today is Thursday, and on Thursdays throughout the summer and early fall there’s a group of cyclists that head out for a ride anywhere between 20 and 40 miles.     Most are pretty fit and on those hot sunny days the group can reach anywhere up to 12 riders or so.      Today it was not only cooler but it was dark and cloudy and raining.    It wasn’t  thundering or lightning with huge gusts of wind or anything like that, just cloudy and a steady light rain.       After work today I stopped in the locker room to pack up my running gear before heading home and I ran into two of my friends who ride on Thursdays.    It was close to 5 and both were dressed in their jerseys and gear getting ready to head out and I asked who was riding.   They both said it was just them with one stating that the rest backed out due to the rain.   He stated it like it didn’t make any sense, it was just a little rain.     After he said that I started to think of all the great adventures I’ve had in the rain.

Thursday “rainy day” riders!

I like running in the woods on and off trail and even though I enjoy all the sports I probably gravitate to trail running the most.     I love running in the woods and I don’t think there’s anything that nature can throw at me to cancel my runs in the woods.   In fact the woods and the trails take on a whole new feel with each of the different seasons and weather conditions.   One of my favorite times to run in the woods is when it’s raining.    There’s something so spiritual about running in the rain.   It’s like the rain creates a certain stillness in the woods, that puts me  more in tune with my thoughts and breathing.      One of my running partners used to always call me up when it was raining and say “let’s get out while it’s wet”, and my answer was always “meet you there”.

Author landing on the beach in a November gail…hail and rain

So whatever your interest whether it’s running, biking, kayaking, or just exploring the city, get out in the inclement weather and give it a try.     Don’t let the rain or snow cause you to cancel your adventure let it enhance it, you won’t regret it.    I never have!!   

Find your rainy day adventure!!!


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