Bike to the beach, blueberries and Tacos!!

Ok, you might be wondering how the beach, blueberries and tacos fit into a day’s adventure, but it was one to remember.   Saturday was ANOTHER sunny hot day in Western Michigan and I wanted to take full advantage of it.   If you are from Michigan, you’ve probably experienced summers where you might have a sunny day followed by a week of clouds and maybe even some cool weather.   Personally, I like the dry hot weather and sunny days that go on and on which  is practically unheard of in Michigan.   I was totally looking forward to the weekend,  some beach time and some good swim workouts.   The lake temperature is in the upper 70’s and perfect for swimming.

Perfect day to play!

As I stated before in an earlier post, this has been one of the busiest summers at work and one of the hottest and driest summerson record   There’s been many days that I lusted to be outside working out and enjoying nature but couldn’t get out until the evening.    The lake is 15 miles due west f rom my house so typically I’ll drive to one of the county parks  and head out to the beach.    This day I wanted  not only to  get in a swim, I also wanted to get in a  bike and maybe a run or walk along the beach.  

  I wasn’t sure I was up for 30 miles round trip on the roads with my mountain bike so I decided to park at one of the blueberry farms which is halfway between my house and the beach.   I could do a 15 mile bike  plus I could save on gas and the $6 parking fee.     On top of that, I needed to pick up some blueberries for a cake that my wife was making for a Sunday get together and being parked at the farm I’d pick a few pounds before heading home.   My adventure was coming together!

 The first part of the ride is on a straight flat section of road that is smooth riding but can get a little boring, but then it hits the lakeshore drive which is a very scenic shaded road with a bike trail that runs for 30 miles or so.    I’ve driven this section many times but I’ve never ridden my bike on it before.   As I was riding along, I discovered 2 wooded trails and a protected wetlands that was beautiful.    

As I stopped to explore some, I wondered how many of these local treasures we overlook and have no idea they exist.   Quite often we have a tendency to think we need to travel somewhere to experience these things when there’s so much right in our back yard.      I’ll be searching from now on.  

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

After spending time exploring, I made my way to the beach.    I took the bike right down to the water so I could swim.    The water was perfect and I got in almost a mile of swimming.    These are the summers I love! 

After my swim, I was energized and the ride back went quick I didn’t stop to explore as now I had my mind on picking some fresh Michigan blueberries, oh yeah my favorite fruit.

The bushes were loaded with blueberry goodness….I picked 12 lbs

I was set to load up the bike and head home with my goods but stopped first to talk to the owners of the farm.   I noticed that they had some new construction going on and a sign out front that said restaurant coming soon, Mexican and American food.   Ok I ate at least 5 lbs of blueberries while out picking but after talking to the Mexican owners and talking about Mexican food, specifically tacos, I had to stop and get some on my way home.  

Currently, I’m working on a guide to Grand Rapids best tacos and one of my top picks happens to be a place near my house.   The name of the place where I get my tacos is called “las Brisas” and is a mexican grocery that happens to have a kitchen in back with a basic menu of authentic Mexican food.   I’ll blog more on tacos later but I just have to mention that my favorite place Las Brisas not only has the best tacos but a setting that  takes  me back to Mexico.   As I eat my tacos, I imagine that I’m down in Mexico soaking in the culture and cuisine.    To most  it’s stopping for lunch but for me I’m on an adventure!  

Three tacos and a trip to Mexico

All in all,  it was 4 hours of sunshine, sand, Michigan and Mexico and an adventure I’ll think of the rest of the weekend.

What was your adventure?


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