A Great Day at the Beach!


Stopping for a water break at Olive Groves Park

Today was a pretty awesome adventure!    I was gong to make it just a simple 3 or 4 mile run but it turned out much better.     As I pulled out of the driveway and started out I wasn’t sure exactly where I was going to run.   I did know that it was a beautiful day and I wanted to get to the beach.    As I drove down Lake Michigan drive I decided I’d run at the new Olive Shores park.  They just completed the park in May and I ran there once before.   It has over 200 steps to climb to get over the dune to the beach.     
There was only one problem; I didn’t have a pass and I didn’t have my wallet to pay the $6 parking fee.    I decided to look for parking down the road and then I would run to the park, go for a swim and then run back.     I had a plan.

Stairs heading down to the beach

I decided to run with the stroller once again.    I packed all my stuff in and off I went.   The total distance to the park was 2.25 miles.   Throw in 230 steps a 1/2 mile swim and the run back and it turned into a pretty good workout.    It’s been a few weeks since I’ve been to the beach and I still love it.   I met a few people and had fun swimming, so all in all not a bad little adventure today.   What was your adventure?

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One thought on “A Great Day at the Beach!

  1. Jim Buhl

    Where is Olive Shores Park? …very impressive stairs.

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