10 mile trial – Run Touring?

At the beginning  of summer we started working Summer Hours at my work.    Basically the hours are shifted to longer days Monday through Thursday and then a 1/2 day on Friday.     To date I have only taken advantage of leaving early on Friday once.   The one day that I left at 1:00 I did a 1/2 day adventure with my friend Dave and his two kids.   It was well worth leaving early and I’ll post about that some other time.    All of the other Fridays I worked the full day.   

Today I was planning on working the entire day but taking a longer lunch to get in a 10 mile run.     I’ve had this idea to run long distances with a baby stroller to carry my gear.   I’ve never run with a stroller before but it always looks easy and a local man Chris Nichols just finished running across America self supported by carrying his gear in a baby stroller.   I’ve been following him on Facebook over the past months and he not only made it across country but when he arrived in California he decided to continue his journey on the Big Island of Hawaii.   He flew himself and all his gear over to the Island and ran around it.     Not bad for an average runner who until now had no spectacular ultra-distant accomplishments.    I can relate to him because I’ve always considered myself average with the mindset to do something great.   

I had this idea at least 6 years ago and talked to a friend of mine from St. Joe Michigan, Ryan Taylor owner of Taylor’d Running.    I always told Ryan about my idea of running with a stroller or converting one to a bike trailer for distant travel.    One day when I visited the shop to pick up some gear Ryan had an old stroller that his brother and sister-in-law used when their kids were little.   Awesome now I had no more excuses.

It’s now 6 years later and I JUST dug the stroller out of my brothers barn.    My plan is to run from Grand Rapids to Machinac Island over the course of 5 or 6 days and all self supported.   I’m tossing around wearing a backpack and going light or using the stroller.   Since I’ve never run with a stroller I want to practice with it first.    I figured that 10 miles would be enough for the first time.     My biggest concern is that it will throw my form off and then muscles and tendons would try to compensate therefore ending in injury.     

While running I didn’t feel to my stride effected too much although I felt I should switch from left arm to right and vice versa every 1/2 mile or so.    It almost felt like it made running easier.    After running the ten miles I can feel some tweaks in my leg and shoulder.   It might be nothing but I’ll keep an eye on it.

I was happy that while out on the trail I saw quite a few people using the trail.  I snapped a shot of a woman on a recumbent bike with a windshield, for some reason it grabbed my attention and I thought it looked pretty cool.   It is a beautiful day today and perfect for my daily adventure, now back to work.   What is your adventure today?

Woman on recumbent with a shield


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