Yankee Springs Sand and Suana!!

This year in West Michigan there’s been a few records broken including days above 90F and number of consecutive days without rain.   Many people are opting to stay indoors with the AC cranked down to 70 degrees waiting for the next cold front before they get outside.  

I can’t say the same for me and my good buddy Nate.    We had so much fun last week mt biking the North Country Trail that we had to plan another 14 hour adventure for this week.    On Monday morning at work Nate told me that he could get out for another bike and overnight camp trip and Tuesday would be the best day for him.   I wasn’t sure what I had going so I told him I’d talk with the family and get back with him that evening.    I talked with my wife and she said go for it but are you sure you want to do it Tuesday it’s supposed to get up to 100 degrees with high humidity?    Of course I replied with “the hotter the better it’ll add to the adventure”.   As always she just shook her head.  I called Nate around 9 pm and said ok we’re on but  it’s gonna be a hot one, still want to go?   Nate answered as though 100 degrees is just another summer day by saying “yeah why wouldn’t we”

Landing at Yankee Springs

Yankee Springs  is South of Grand Rapids and a little closer than Nichols lake where we stayed the last week.   We headed out at 5 when we got off work and estimated that we’d be on the trails by 6:15.    We had the windows down as we drove and I have to admit it was a little toasty.    We decided to stop and get a snack and some Gatorade to stay hydrated.   Big mistake for me, I forgot that me and Gatorade do NOT get along sometimes.     I remembered why about 3 miles into our ride.   I felt like my entire chest was on fire and I wasn’t carrying enough water to douse it.   If you’re thinking indigestion you’re right and one of the worse cases ever.   On top of having the most painful case of heartburn, my contacts weren’t cooperating, and there was more sand  than I ever remember on the trail, not to mention that it was like a furnace in the woods.   Aside from that it was an awesome 8 mile loop.

Nate feeling good out on the trail

The total distance of the trail we were on is around 15 to 17 miles but we decided to take the shortcut back to camp.   Fortunately I had meds for my indigestion back at camp.    We made it back after 8 miles where I took a handful of tums and laid down for a few minutes.

Back at Camp for a break

It didn’t take long and I started to feel much better.   I got rid of the contacts and put my glasses back on.    We still had a 1/2 hour or so of daylight so we decided to ride a 2-mile loop section before we called it quits for the day.   It was cooling down some and that section of trail didn’t have nearly as much sand on it.    With less sand we were able to open it up on the 2 mile  stretch and I have to say it was the best part of the days ride.     After riding the 2 mile section it was time to hit the lake for a swim before settling down for some dinner. 

Blackberries on the 2 mile loop


When we got  back to the campsite we dropped the bikes off and walked down to the lake.   There’s nothing better than a swim in an inland lake after a super HOT  ride.    We got down to the water at dusk  for a 15 minute  swim to cool off and clean the dust off.  

After our swim we ate some rice and veggies, made a fire, talked for while and then hit the sack.   There was talk of rain but we didn’t see more than a few drops during the night.    To avoid the mosquitoes I set up my tent and with the temp dropping down to a cool 75 degrees I slept like a baby.

We woke up at 5:45 packed our gear and headed back to work at 7:30.    Another awesome adventure!!!   What was your adventure today?


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