Lunch on the Run!

It was one of those days today when I just needed to get out for a run and clear the mind!    Typically when I run at lunch I stick to the trails behind the building where I work.   I normally run with Ben at lunch on one of 3 or 4 loops that we have laid out.  This week Ben is on Vacation with his family and so I was looking forward to running alone.    It was hot today with a temperature of 90 degrees give or a take a degree or two but with the breeze it seemed much cooler.

Heading out into the woods warming up the muscles

Sometimes I like running alone because I’m not committed to any specific route or speed, and I might change things up mid-run.   Today was one of those days.    I took off from the building at a pretty slow pace just to get the muscles warmed up and as I starting running on the little trail that leads into the woods I was putting my workout together.   Today, I decided was a good day for some play in my workout.     Instead of just a run I incorporated some MovNat exercises.   If you’re not familiar with MovNat it’s the coined name for Natural Movement.     This system was developed by Erwan Le Corre and is based entirely on using the full range of our evolutionarily natural, human-specific movements.    Good stuff really check out their website!

The Crawl

I’ve studied up on his philosophy and like most of it.   I have never been to any of his seminars or have any certifications from them (although one day I plan to), but what I do is put together my own version of it.   What’s nice is that there’s a woods right behind our building that is perfect for this type of workout.   Many times I’ll get out on the trails behind the building and forget that I’m only on my lunch.   Many lunch runs have turned into some of the most awesome 45 minute adventures to break up the day.   I’ve got many stories but another day!

Balance on Log across a Stream

As I’m writing this post I can feel the benefit of todays workout in my muscles, you know that good hurt that you feel after a workout.    I did some balancing on logs crossing the stream, some log throws, squats with logs and crawls.   How invigorating to run and play and call it a workout.  

Tossing logs, great workout!!!!

Overall I was out for less than an hour got back to the building,  showered, grabbed a quick bite and back to work.    I have to say that it’s the best part of my day and my dose of adventure!   Get out and find your adventure!!


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